FBT Audio Contractor

Horizon Accessories

VHA-B 406
Metal base to ground VHA406/VHA112 array and stack on VHA 118SA

Horizon Ground Stack frame for VHA 112A and VHA 406A

VHA-C 406/112
VHA 406/112 cover
VHA-C 406x3
Cover for 3x VHA 406

Padded vinyl cover to protect 3 x VHA-406 / 112 cabinets whilst on the road. Perfect when used in conjunction with VHA-T 406 trolley.

VHA-F 406
Flying bar for vertical configuration VHA 406 A

Flybar for Horizon in vertical orientation - Maximum 6 boxes.

VHA-FH 406-1
Flying bar for horizontal configuration 1x VHA 406 A

Horizon single box flybar

VHA-FH 406-5
Flying bar for horizontal configuration 2 to 5 x VHA 406 A

Horizon flybar for 2 to 5 x VHA cabs in Horizontal orientation

VHA-S 406
Cluster bracket with speaker pole for 1x VHA 406 A

Horizon pole bracket to mount a single VHA 406A above a VHA 118SA

VHA-T 406
Trolley for 3x VHA406/VHA112 and metal base to ground 4x VHA406/VHA112

Horizon transport trolley for 3 x VHA 406 cabs. Extending adjustable support arms to floor mount up to 4 x VHA 406 / VHA 112SA speakers