FBT Audio Contractor


Introducing FBT's next generation of X-Series - a versatile range of high-performance audio solutions designed for professional use. The series comprises three distinct lines:

1. X-LITE: Crafted from durable polypropylene with gas injection moulded cabinets, these speakers offer robust performance with lightweight convenience. Equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, they deliver high SPL and efficient class-D amplification.

2. X-PRO: Featuring sturdy plywood cabinets with internal ply bracing, the X-PRO line is built for durability and superior sound quality. Like the X-LITE, these speakers include Bluetooth 5.0, high SPL, and efficient class-D amplification for powerful, clear audio.

3. X-SUB: These active subwoofer cabinets are constructed from plywood and come with M20 threaded pole mounts for versatile setup options. Designed to complement the X-LITE and X-PRO lines, X-SUB subwoofers provide deep, rich bass to complete your sound system.

The FBT X-Series offers professional-grade audio with lightweight construction, modern connectivity, and impressive sound performance.