Vertus CLA 118SA Active Subwoofer
The Vertus CLA 118SA is specifically designed to work with the 206 and 406 Vertus Column Line Array series. This Active 18” B&C high excursion woofer with 3” voice coil is driven by the built in 1200W RMS amplifier delivering 138 dB SPL.This great combination is in a 15mm Baltic birch plywood cabinet completely made in Italy .
Vertus CLA 406.2A
The Vertus CLA 406.2A comprises four custom 6.5”woofers and a 1.5 large format Neodymium compression driver with 2.5”voice coil with a 100 H x 25 H degree dispersion .The built in amp module delivers 600W for LF section and 300W for HF for 133dB SPL Designed to be used with the CLA 118SA
Vertus CLA208SA Active Subwoofer
The Vertus CLA 208SA is a 2 x 8" active subwoofer bass-reflex design featuring a birch ply enclosure. The internal Class D amplifier delivers 600W 129dB SPL ideal for extending the CLA604A's low frequency performance in live applications.The CLA208SA subwoofers are modular as well, and they can be stacked to enlarge and increase the maximum SPL. Black finish
Vertus CLA604A
The Vertus CLA 604 ActiveColumn Line Array has 6 x 4” custom woofer with 1”voice coil and 4 x 1” dome neodymium tweeter on a waveguide. Built in amplifier delivers 400W + 100W RMS to achieve 125DB SPL Designed to work with the CLA 208SA Subs . Black Finish
Vertus CS1000 Active Sub / Sat System
The CS 1000 is a complete system combination of a sub with all the amplification and a passive satellite speaker powered from the sub. The built in to the sub 600W + 400W RMS amplifiers deliver 129 dB SPL. The satellite speaker, its pole and cable pack away into the sub for easy transportation. Black Finish