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Vertus DLA 1244A

2 Way 800w 126SPL Digitally Steerable Column Array

The DLA1244A is composed of 12 x 4" loudspeakers and 4 x 1" dome tweeters combined with a waveguides to improve efficiency, 16 x 50W power amplifiers deliver 126dB SPL. Digital vertical steering of the audio is achieved via rear control or via PC. Power connection through neutrik Powerconn.

SKU: 36187


Built in an elegant aluminium scratch resistant cabinet, DLA is an active steerable array system that provides exceptional intelligibility in highly reverberant environments. The characteristics of the lobe radiation directional controls, the high SPL, the HI-FI frequency range, the elegance and overall dimensions, make the DLA system particularly suitable for high quality sound even in acoustically challenging environments whilst the aesthetics compliment any environment. The design of the wavefront has the effect to soften off approx. 3dB whilst doubling the distance from the source. 

The ability to change the vertical dispersion characteristics is ideally suited to reverberant environments where the audio is able to be digitally steered to the audience and away from reflective ceilings and floors. It is also invaluable where different dispersion control is required at different times, for instance where tiered seating is periodically used and the audience's listening position changes. When using the software connected through network cable, multiple scenes can be programmed and these recalled at the touch of a button.

The DLA 1244A with a 100Hz to 20kHz frequency response, is recommended for voice and high-quality music reproduction; it can be used in conjunction with our DLA 804A in order to create a full range system. Both DLA models have a dedicated SUB output to extend performance at low frequencies. The DLA system features a RS-485 network connection for total control through PC. Wall mount installation is possible with the the supplied bars.



Digital Control Active Line Array

12 x 4" + 4 x 1" Dome
16 x 50W RMS 126dB SPL

DLA1244A is comprised of 12 x 100mm (4) loudspeakers and 4 x 25mm (1) dome tweeters combined with waveguides to improve efficiency, 16 x 50W power amplifiers with Class D switch mode power supplies and a powerful DSP floating point processor.

With a 100Hz to 20kHz frequency response, it is recommended both for voice and high-quality music reproduction. It can be used in association with DLA804A in order to create a full-range system with even better directivity control and increased SPL.

Both DLA models have a dedicated SUB output on the Euroblock connector, to extend   performance at low frequencies. It is possible to use any active subwoofer within the wide range proposed by FBT.

The wide range of controls and connections include: IN on XLR, IN/Link and SUB OUT on Euroblock connectors, HP filter, volume, 2 switches for steering and beamwidth angle in 8 steps for a quick set up of the directional characteristics without the need of connecting a PC, and 4 equalization presets.

The PC-slave position allows control and configuration via PC (with FBT USB-RS485 Converter). RJ45 connectors for RS-485 network data configuration via provided software. Power connection through Neutrik Powerconn.

Key features:
  • High intelligibility even in reverberant environments
  • Homogeneous SPL in the listening zone for better acoustic experience
  • High direct to reverberant ratio
  • Wide selection of directivity adjustments for a better adaptation to any environment
  • Quick and simple setup even without a PC
  • High quality transducers
  • Modularity
  • Elegant aesthetic design for the most demanding installations


16 Way
Frequency response:
100Hz - 20KHz -6dB
Low frequency woofer:
12 x 4" (1" VC)
High frequency driver:
4 x 1" Neodynium
Maximum SPL cont/peak:
123/126 dB
Input impedance:
22 Kohm
Crossover frequency:
3 KHz
Input connector:
Euroblock with loop and SUB OUT
Transport Dimension (WxHxD):
220 x 1760 x 220
Transport Weight:
24.5 KG
AC Power requirements:
650 VA
Built-in amplifier LF/HF:
12 x 50w / 4 x 50w
Built-in amplifier peak LF/HF:
12 x 100w / 4 x 100w
Dispersion (H x V):
100 degrees x Digitally Variable +30 degrees / -30 degrees (Vertical Beamwidth Angle 10 degrees - 40 degrees)
22 KG
Dimensions (WxHxD):
130 x 1685 x 131 mm