UHF PLL Single Channel wireless camera Receiver
TG-10R WM-10TG
The TG-10R is a 606.5-614MHz (CH 38) Tour Guide reciever complete with the earhook earpiece. Powered by a built in long lasting rechargable lithium battery. Compatible with stationary transmitter TG-10STX and the portable TG-10T.
The TG-10SRX, 606.5-614MHz (CH 38) true diversity receiver which provides an option for fixed installation of the Tour guide system it is compatible with TG-10T. It can receive the signal from TG-10T and deliver it for output to a PA system, or for recording and other processes. NOTE Optional TG-10CH2 2 way, TG-10CH18 18 way or TG-10CH36 36 way charger required