The HP-20 Foldable headband for easy storage. Ideal for DJ and remix use. Swivel earcups for single-sided monitoring. 20-20,000Hz Frequency range. Super-aural design for excellent listening comfort. Exceptionally clear sound for professional and high fidelity application.Ni-plated 3.5mm stereo jack plug and 6.3mm adapter.
The HPM-12 is the very new member of the JTS headphone family. Designed to work with JTS interpretation systems. The headphone provides defined sound. The gooseneck renders accurate miking position to avoid pop and wind noise. In line Volume Control and Mic ON/OFF switch are provided. The versatile design renders it good for web communication and gaming.
High Definition Dynadriver Earphones
The IE-1 High Definition Dynadriver Earphone reproduces natural frequency response right across the range and is supplied with three pairs of different sized silicon sleeves. It is the perfect partner to our SIEM series In Ear Wireless Monitor Systems.
Dual Performance Drivers Monitoring Earphones

The IE-6 is our top of the line monitoring earphone and uses a Dual Driver and Crossover system to faithfully reproduce audio reproduction. Precision highs, natural mids and full bass ensure a pleasurable listening experience. This is ideal for both JTS and other manufacturers' In Ear Monitor Systems

SEP/ E-1
IE-1 - Silicon Ear Pad for IE-1 (3 pairs S,M,L
SEP/ E-5
IE-5 - Silicon Ear Pad for IE-1 (3 pairs S,M,L
IE-6 - Silicon Ear Pad for IE-1 (3 pairs S,M,L