FBT Audio Contractor

Metal work

AJ 8 Stand Adapter
25mm - 35mm Stand Adapter for J 8

Stand Adapter from 35 mm diameter to 25 mm diameter for J 8

MSA 220 BK
Telescopic Threaded Speaker Pole with Solid Pin
Telescopic adjustable speaker pole to support speaker above subwoofer. M20 screw attachment to the sub and 35mm diameter speaker insert. Solid metal pin support.
SJ 5
Directional Wall Mount Bracxket For J 5 Speaker

The SJ 5 is a directional wall mount bracket for the J 5 -  complete with fixings 

*Available in black or white

SJ 8
Directrional Wall Brackegt for J 8 *Available in Black or White

The SJ 8 is a directional wall bracket for use with J 8 Speaker and allows both horizontal and vertical adjustment. The 25mm speaker insert couples directly with the J 8.

*Available in Black or White

'U' Shaped Wall Bracket for J8

The SJ 8U secures to the J 8 cabinet top and bottom and allows swivel adjustment in a single axis. 

*Available in Black or White