FBT Audio Contractor

J Series Metal Work

AJ 8 Stand Adapter
25mm - 35mm Stand Adapter for J 8

Stand Adapter from 35 mm diameter to 25 mm diameter for J 8

SJ 5
Directional Wall Mount Bracxket For J 5 Speaker

The SJ 5 is a directional wall mount bracket for the J 5 -  complete with fixings 

*Available in black or white

SJ 8
Directrional Wall Brackegt for J 8 *Available in Black or White

The SJ 8 is a directional wall bracket for use with J 8 Speaker and allows both horizontal and vertical adjustment. The 25mm speaker insert couples directly with the J 8.

*Available in Black or White

'U' Shaped Wall Bracket for J8

The SJ 8U secures to the J 8 cabinet top and bottom and allows swivel adjustment in a single axis. 

*Available in Black or White

U bracket horizontal wall mount J 5