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FBT VERTUS CLA was created with the objective of integrating professional line array technology in to an extremely compact and elegant speaker column system.

Compared to traditional two-way speakers, VERTUS CLA has been designed to distribute sound far more evenly throughout any outdoor or indoor space.  The CLA cylindrical wave front boasts the pleasant effect of present and precise forwardly projected sound and even reduces the effect of acoustic feedback towards microphones.

VERTUS CLA is a light and compact modular line array system created for both live and fixed installations and consists of two products:

  • CLA 604a: bi-amp two-way active column speakers 400 + 100W RMS
  • CLA 208Sa: active subwoofer 600W RMS

CLA system features:

  • High-level sound quality from 50Hz to 20kHz expressly developed for live performance
  • Long distance sound projection and better SPL distribution towards the audience
  • Great and dynamic power performance thanks to tri-amplification system
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Design and elegance for an easy integration even in the most demanding installations
  • Very compact dimensions enable the listener to concentrate on sound and not on speakers!
  • High horizontal dispersion

VERTUS CLA is a true professional line array system that can satisfy musicians looking for a compact PA solution.  It is easy to carry, modular, ready to use in just minutes with no-compromising of the quality. It is capable of being integrated into any environment or installation requiring high-quality sound and controlled directional characteristics.

Vertus DLA series – DLA804A and DLA1244A digital directivity aiming column arrays.

The experience gained during the development of our leading MLA series has been transferred to these two new exclusively digital beamsteering models using the same innovative algorithms for steering and beamwidth control. Built in elegant aluminum scratch-resistant cabinet, the DLA series can solve many problems of sound related to difficult and reverberant environments.

DLA804A is composed of 8 x 100mm (4’’) full-range column loudspeakers matched with 8x50W power amplifiers in Class D and switching mode power supply. Designed especially for voice reproduction, DLA804A has a frequency response from 120Hz to 10kHz. It can be used alone or together with other DLA804A modules in order to extend the SPL and the minimum control frequency as well as to reduce beamwidth of radiation lobe.

DLA1244A is composed of 12 x 100mm (4’’) loudspeakers and 4 x 25mm (1’’) dome tweeters combined to waveguides to improve efficiency, 16 x 50W power amplifiers in Class D, witching mode power supply and a powerful DSP processor in floating point.  With a 100Hz to 20kHz frequency response, it is recommended both for voice and high-quality music reproduction. It can be used in association with DLA804A in order to create a full-range system with even better directivity control and increased SPL.

Both DLA models have a dedicated SUB output on the Euroblock connector, to extend performance at low frequencies. It is possible to use any active subwoofer within the wide range proposed by FBT.  The wide range of controls and connections include: IN on XLR, IN/Link and SUB OUT on euroblock connectors, HP filter, volume, 2 switches for steering and beamwidth angle in 8 steps for a quick set up of the directional characteristics without the need of connecting a PC, and 4 equalization presets.

The PC-slave position allows control and configuration via PC (with FBT USB-RS485 Converter). RJ45 connectors for RS-485 network data configuration via provided software. Power connection through neutrik Powerconn.  The range of accessories allows wall-mount and stand mounting.

Key features:

  • High intelligibility even in reverberant environments.
  • Homogeneous SPL in the listening zone for a better acoustic comfort.
  • High direct to reverberant ratio.
  • Wide selection of directivity adjustments for a better adaptation to any environment.
  • Quick and simple setup even without a PC.
  • High quality transducers.
  • Modularity.
  • Elegant aesthetic design for the most demanding installations.

VERTUS MLA (Mixed Control Line Array is composed of a minimum of two modules:

•• MLA608a for Mid/Low frequencies (60hz – 2KHz)
•• MLA801a for High frequencies (2KHz – 20KHz)

It is possible to emulate the directivity of a classic J-form line array, either curved or straight. Starting from the analysis of known line array systems with digital directivity control (columns with small wide-band speakers) or mechanical directivity (all systems with inclinable cabinets that form a curved or straight J-form array), we decided to condense into one product the advantages of both types of controls, while at the same time surpassing their traditional limits.  The principle behind the operation of MLA is based on the combined mechanical/digital control of directivity. Digital allows for the control of directivity up to around 4KHz; mechanical, assisted by digital, from 4KHz to over 15KHz. This enables the system to reach the following targets:

•• An aesthetically non-intrusive vertical column that is readily adaptable to any environment
•• Control of full-range directivity from the lower frequencies (depending upon the length of the column) up to and over 15KHz
•• Elevated SPL, thanks to the usage of a compression drivers e wave guide at high frequencies
•• Limited number of transducers and therefore DSP channels and amplifiers associated with “no compromise” systems of exclusively digital steering with drastic reduction of cost.

The digital control part is activated by discrete amplification channels (one for each transducer) and DSP which operates in signal processing management sent to each speaker and driver.  The mechanical part is entrusted to 8 hybrid stepped motors, each of which is dedicated to the rotation of wave guide by 0,01° steps on the horizontal axis. It is thus possible to activate any radiation pattern in the maximum rotation range of the wave guide which goes from +35 to -35 with respect to the horizontal axis.

The MLA system features a RS-485 network connection for total control through PC (with FBT USB-RS485 Converter) and dedicated software with which it is possible to simulate the environment to sound reinforce, select the appropriate dispersion pattern for the audience, transfer all the aiming parameters of the system through the network with a single button. Various types of autoplay routine enable a totally automatic configuration of the system, without precluding for the possibility of aiming ‘fine-tuning’ in manual mode.

In mainly Live situations, when time is limited and it isn’t possible to connect to a PC, it is possible to manage steering, lobe width and equalization through 3 switch controls available on the back panel of the MLA column.  The modularity of the system allows for the construction of a column composed of a maximum of two MLA801a modules and 3 ML608A modules for a total of 4000W and a minimum frequency control of 100hz!  For usage in fixed installations, bars are provided for the close-fitting installation adjacent to walls. For live usage, an accessory is available for positioning on the 118Sa and 121Sa subwoofers of the FBT MITUS series.

VERTUS MLA is a column speaker system with vertical directional characteristics fully controllable by the user both for the steering of the radiation lobe and for the width and form of the lobe itself.  The characteristics of the lobe radiation directional controls, the high SPL, the Hi-Fi frequency range, the elegance and overall dimensions, make the MLA system particularly suitable for high quality sound even in acoustically difficult environments, reverberating and very large, given the capacity of the wavefront to soften of about 3 dB upon doubling the distance from the source. Thus, it is ideal in large churches, theatres, auditoriums, large convention and multimedia halls, as well as in public places such as airports, railroad stations, etc…

To summarize:

•• Digital control: Straight column, limited bandwidth or full-range but with low SPL and high cost.
•• Mechanical control: Curved column, J-array or straight but inclined (high- impact aesthetics and difficulty in installation), limited control possibility, high SPL, high costs for hardware and angling.
•• Mixed Mechanical/Digital Control: Straight column, full control on all the audio frequency bandwidth, high SPL, limited costs.